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Victories For Clients: Acquittals, Reversals, Verdicts, Settlements, Et Al

  • Com. v. J.A., Mason District Court

    January 2020

    Assault charge dismissed under Kentucky's "Stand Your Ground" law.  Kentucky law provides immunity to a person who uses force as permitted in KRS 503.050 [self-protection], KRS 503.055 [defense of dwelling, residence or occupied vehicle], 503.070 [protection of another], and 503.080 [protection o... Read On

  • Auto Accident - UIM Claim

    July 2022

    Everyone should have underinsured motorist coverage.  Recently settled UIM claim where client was struck by a drunk driver.  The drunk driver only had minimum liability coverage, i.e. $25,000 per injured person, maximum of $50k total per accident.  So, when multiple vehicles are involved and/or m... Read On

  • Policing the Parenting Police

    Substantiated finding of abuse & neglect by social workers can be appealed to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), although, in my experience, people seldom do so.  However, over the past year, I have handled two such appeals with positive outcomes.  The first involved a substantiated finding of ab... Read On

  • Medicaid Estate Recovery, Not Today

    Medicaid estate recovery allows the state and federal governments to recover Medicaid costs paid on behalf of an aged institutionalized or permanently institutionalized individual.  Exemptions or limitations to recovery may apply.  They include: The deceased individual has a surviving spouse; ... Read On

  • Com. v. B.S., Fleming Circuit #18-CR-48

    Not guilty verdict on indictment charging multiple accounts of sexual abuse.  Accusations of sexual misconduct alone are often life changing, but a conviction has serious collateral consequences above and beyond prison time.  No one should ever plead guilty to a sex offense simply because they ar... Read On

  • Trial By Combat

    Experience in the arena matters.  On my first day as a public defender I had three jury trials:  One resulted in an acquittal, the second a directed verdict, and the third was dismissed prior to seating a jury.  That was over 20 years ago.  Since then I have handled hundreds of criminal cases and... Read On

  • Auto Accident - Uninsured Motorist Claim

    December 2021

    Settled claim of child passenger in uninsured vehicle.  Child had broken leg and arm.  Partnered with Zip Liens to eliminate all subrogation claims/medical bills totaling over $100,000.00. Read On

  • Auto Accident - Bodily Injury Claim

    December 2021

    After four years of litigation, settled multiple vehicle accident for six figures.  Client rear-ended near I-64 exit and suffered aggravation of pre-existing neck and back condition, necessitating surgical intervention.     Read On

  • CC v. Cabinet for Health & Family Services, 330 S.W.3d 83 (2011)

    January 2011

    Kentucky Supreme Court holds that civil rules of discovery applied to action before the beginning of adjudication hearing and throughout the juvenile court process.  Case was appealed from Lewis Family Court to Court of Appeals and then, upon motion for discretionary review, to the Supreme Court. Read On

  • Com. v. S.D., Boyd Circuit Court Case No. 19-CR-385-003

    November 2019

    Manslaughter prosecutions of persons connected to overdose death, even remotely, are on the increase. Read On

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