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A Question of Choice

Posted by Bryan Underwood | May 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

As a University administrator, my wife frequently invites VIP's to campus for lectures.  Thus, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Sarah Weddington, the author of A Question of Choice.  Sarah Weddington, of course, is the lawyer who argued and won Roe v. Wade.  With the overturning of Roe v. Wade now imminent, I picked up the book and read over some highlighted passages.  The Court's decision, in Roe, "was an opportunity for all women.  The battle was never 'for abortion' . . . The battle was for the basic right of women to make their own decisions.  There was a basic question underlying the specific issue of abortion:  Who is to control and define the lives of women?  And our answer was: Not the government."  At the time of the book's publication (1993), the abortion pill, RU-486, was still not available in the United States.  Ultimately, it was approved by the FDA.  It should have made this medical decision easier, but Republicans made every effort to restrict its use to abortion clinics, rather than allowing it to be dispensed by a woman's primary care physician, not out of any real concern for women's health, but to make it more difficult for women to obtain, requiring travel and multiple visits to clinics, typically only one or two statewide, and providing a convenient central location for protestors to harass women.  She presciently observed, "I do worry that if states again make abortion illegal after the Court overturns Roe, RU-486 will eventually be available as a back-alley drug."  Such drugs, of course, should be prescribed and administered by a doctor, but in the absence of a choice, in the absence of even one clinic where a patient can get counsel and treatment, desperate people do desperate things and prohibitions create black-markets.  Her book is dedicated "To those who are willing to share the responsibility of protecting choice."  My prediction - States like Kentucky will seek to criminalize assistance in any form to a woman seeking an abortion.  You may not be able to even consult a doctor about an abortion, but you can and should consult an attorney; otherwise, you might end up in jail or in quarantine to prevent you from leaving the state.  Kentucky's trigger law will make abortion illegal immediately upon the overruling of Roe.  This lawyer is in favor of choice and a person's right to privacy.  The consultation is free and confidential.    

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Bryan Underwood

Bryan Keith Underwood, Attorney At Law   I enjoy being able to live and practice law in my hometown of Maysville, Kentucky, named one of the most charming towns in America by Country Living magazine.  Our residents, however, deal with the same serious legal issues.  Since 1999, I have successfu...


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